The apostle Paul, and those writing in his name, often began their letters by saying, “I thank God for you…” The letters go on to describe the faith that has been shared and lived by those to whom the letter was first addressed. So too, I want to begin my letter

to you this month by saying, “I thank God for you.” Our church family has really pulled together over these last few weeks. With our building’s plumbing, bathrooms, and entrances in a bit of disarray, our church family pulled together! In a time of financial need, our church family has been stepping forward to help. When you think about “family” you know that it is times like these that bring out the best or the worst in people. In our case, it has brought out the very best! I am thankful for your patience, your flexibility, and your good humor. Soon, the nursery, Legacy and the surrounding bathrooms will be reopened with a fresh coat of paint and even some new furniture. Soon, the floor will be repaired and the glass doors on Carroll Street will be reopened. The plumbing crisis will be behind us. Yet, the memory of facing a crisis together and meeting the challenge will remain…and it will be a very good memory! When I think of our daughter, Beth’s ordination service, I will thank God for all of you for the rest of my life! This congregation stepped forward to provide a wonderful service of worship and praise


for both Beth Clementson and Don Myers. As we hosted people from around our synod and people from multiple chapters of the Clementsons’ life in the church, the love and hospitality of Grace Lutheran Church shone brightly. I want to say a special thanks to the four families who worked together to purchase the “new to us” organ in Grace Hall. The addition of this organ for the Ordination/Consecration Service will be a good addition for special worship services in the future as well. In this time of financial challenge, we want you to know that this purchase was made with special donations from members and friends over and above their regular giving. Church funds were not used in obtaining this new instrument. As we enter this month of November, a traditional time of thanksgiving in our nation, I invite us to say to one another, “I give thanks to you.” In addition to the upcoming holiday, we also will finally learn the results of Election Day this month. In whatever happens, whether your candidate is elected or not, let us give thanks for the opportunity to live in a nation where we have freedom of speech and on Election Day a safe and structured process. As Christian sisters and brothers, let us speak well of one another and in all things give thanks for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who leads the way to peace, freedom, and justice. I do truly give thanks to you!!!